Willian: Mourinho is upset at losing me to Chelsea!

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Willian has joined Chelsea from Manchester United, and he is already proving himself to be a worthy signing. The Portuguese coach is very confident that he will get the best out of the young player, who has already demonstrated his class in the Premier League.
Will the Portuguese coach be able to get the desired result from his young player? Let’s find out.
The player’ll be able not only to prove himself in the English Premier League, but also in the international arena. Will he be able, in fact, to become a great player in the long run?
Will he become the main star of the team?
The answer to this question is definitely no. The player is still very young, and it is still too soon to say whether he will be able in the near future to show his class.
However, the Portuguese team is already very confident about the young Brazilian. The coach has already given the young man a lot of responsibility, and the result is that he is proving himself in every match.
In the current season, the team managed to finish in the first place, and this is an excellent result for the club. The players are very confident, and they are ready to fight for the title.
Chelsea’ players are already very motivated, and Willian’ s performance in the national championship is already a good proof of this.

Will Chelsea be able win the title?
This season, Chelsea has already managed to win the Premier league, which is an extremely good result for them. The team has a very good lineup, and many players are able to play in several positions.
Moreover, the players of the Blues have a very strong squad, which can be considered as the main rival of the Manchester United.
At the moment, the Red Devils have the best lineup in the league, and so far they are not able to compete with the Chelsea in the fight for gold medals.
Manchester United is also very confident in the season ahead, and as a result, the club is in good shape. The main rival is Liverpool, and now the Reds have a good lineup too.
This is a good chance for the Red devils to get into the Champions League zone, and if they manage to do this, they will be in a very comfortable position.
Who will win in the Champions league?
In general, the Champions will be decided by the following factors:
1. The level of the teams.
2. The results of the previous season.
3. The ability of the competitors to win in their own country.
It is now very important for Liverpool to win gold medals, because this will allow the team to enter the Champions club tournament, and then the Reds will be the main contender for the victory in the tournament.
As for the other teams, they have a chance to win, too, but they need to be more focused on the Champions tournament. Manchester United is not in a good shape, and there is a high probability that the team will not be able even to enter it.
Liverpool is the main favorite of the Champions, and even if the team does not win the tournament, they can be the winners of the domestic championship.
All the Champions’ results are available on the website of sports statistics. Here, you can find the latest information from all over the world.
Main rivalries in the EPL
The current season is very important not only for the teams of the Premier championship, but for other teams too. This is especially true for the fight against Manchester United in the championship. The Red Devils are very strong in the domestic arena, but their main rival in the European arena is Liverpool.
Now, the Reds are in a really good shape and are able not to lose points in the matches against the Manchester team. The Reds have the following advantages over the team:
* good lineup;
* a good coach;
* good results.
If the team manages to win a place in the top 4, then it will be very difficult for the team of United to get there.
You can always follow the results of all the matches of the Epl on the sports statistics website. Here you will find the information from the world of the most popular championships.
Results of the matches in the current championship
The season has already ended, and already now the results are starting to show themselves. The current season has been extremely eventful, and a lot has happened.
First of all, the teams have to fight against each other in the standings. The struggle for the champion title is now in full swing, and all the teams are trying to get to the top.
There are two main contenders for the gold medals:
• Manchester United;
• Liverpool.
The Red devils are very well aware of the fact that the fight is still in their favor. The Liverpool team is in a much better shape than the team from Manchester, and its main competitor is the team that is not as strong as the Red.
Both teams are very motivated and are ready for the confrontation. The teams are fighting for the right to enter in the main tournament of the Old Continent.
Many fans are waiting for the final rounds of the championship, because now the teams will have to decide who will get into this tournament.

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