West Ham beat Everton 2-1 in the EPL on Saturday night match review!

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The match was a really tense one, with both teams trying to find a way to score a goal. The first half was quite tense, and it was the home team who started the second half the better.
The first half of the match was quite intense, and the second one was even more so. The home team was the stronger, but the visitors were able to take advantage of their mistakes.

The game was really tense, but it ended in a draw. It was a very close match, and both teams had chances to win the match.
However, the decisive moment of the game was not the goal, but a mistake of the Everton goalkeeper. The goalkeeper of the Toffees, Willy Gueimond, was hit by the ball, and in the process lost his balance. As a result, the ball hit him in the face, and he fell to the ground.
Willy Guedes was immediately taken to hospital, and after a few hours he was able to speak to the press. He said that he had a black eye, but he did not want to say more about the injury.
It is quite possible that the Everton player will not be able to play for a long time, but we will see how the injury affects his game.
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The Everton game was a real test for the team, because they had to find the right way to get a goal, because the Toffeemen had a lot of chances.
In the first half, the team was quite good, and they managed to score several goals. However, the Everton players were not able to find their game, and so they could not finish the game in the desired way.
This is why the score of the first part of the Epl was 2:1.
Despite the fact that the first goal was scored by the striker, the game ended in draw.
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The second half of Everton’s game was more tense, because now the team had a chance to win. However they failed to do it, and this is why it ended with a draw in the score.
There were a lot chances for the Toffee players in the second part of their match, but they missed them. The Everton players had a good game, but their game was quite unsuccessful.
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Live football scores are always available on this site, and if you look at the results, you can see that the team of Roberto Martinez was quite successful. They managed to get the first place in the league, and now they are quite confident about the upcoming matches. They will try to get into the Champions League zone, and that is why they will be able not only to get points, but to win trophies.
They will have to do their best in the remaining matches of the season, because if they want to get to the Champions league zone, they will need to win more than the other teams.
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If the Everton team is confident, then it is quite likely that they will get into Champions League. They have a good chance of doing this, because this is the most prestigious club tournament in the world.
Now, the Tofhearts have a chance of getting into the group, but if they do not do their job, then they will not get into this tournament.
Roberto Martinez’ team has a good opportunity to get in the Champions’ League zone. They need to improve their game and find a solution to the problems that they have.
After the Everton match, the situation in the team is quite good. The team has already managed to win a lot, and there is no doubt that they can get into a higher position in the standings.
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Team’ s chances of getting to the next stage of the tournament
Now the team has an excellent chance of entering the next round. The main problem for them is the lack of motivation. The players are not ready for the fight, and because of this, they lost the game. They did not show their best game, so now they need to find some solution to this problem.
One of the possible solutions is to strengthen the defense. The club has a lot to do in this regard, because Everton has a very good lineup. Now, the players are able to do a good job, and their game is quite successful, so they can enter the next tournament. Now it is easy for you to follow their results on the football scores website.

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