Tottenham Hotspur in no rush to complete transfers

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Tottenham’s transfer policy is quite simple. The club has no need to make any big purchases, as long as it is possible to strengthen the team.
The Spurs have been in the Champions League for almost a decade, and the team has been able to defend its title for that long. The Spurs have also won the FA Cup, the Champions’ League, the League Cup, and a number of other trophies.
However, the team needs to strengthen its squad, as well as strengthen the transfer policy. The following players should be bought:
1. Cameron-Sloan. The young goalkeeper is still a young player, and needs to be strengthened.
2. Jan Vertonghen. The Belgian is a good goalkeeper, but he needs to improve his game.
3. Toby Alderweireld. The Dutchman is a top goalkeeper, and can be bought for a reasonable price.
4. Christian Eriksen. The Swedish forward is a reliable player, who can be used in various positions.
5. Toby Manu. The Argentinean is a strong player, but needs to get stronger.
6. Luka Modric. The Croatian is a versatile player, capable of playing as a striker, or as a winger.
7. Toby Mertesacker. The Dane is a talented player, so he can be acquired for a decent price.
8. Toby Williams. The English midfielder is a promising player, as he can play as a defender or a midfielder.
9. Christian Pulisic. The Canadian is a young goalkeeper, who needs to become stronger.
10. DeAndre Yedlin. The American forward is able to play as an attacking midfielder, or a winger, depending on the situation.
It is possible that the Spurs will make a number transfers in the near future. The team needs new players, as it has a number problems.

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