Napoli want Berahino but Di Maria has more priority

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The Serie A table is always a good indicator of the mood in the Italian championship. The last time the top 4 was so unstable was in the middle of the season. This time, the gap between the leaders is small but not insignificant.

The main contenders for the title are Napoli, Juventus and Inter. However, the latter is not in the best shape, so it is unlikely to win the title. The main question is whether the team will be able to play in the Champions League.
The team has a number of interesting players, but the main one is the young Italian player, who is already a sensation. The player is called Berahinos, and he is a player of the same generation as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.
He has already scored a number goals for the team, and it is obvious that he will not stop there. The team needs to strengthen the defense and the goalkeeper. The latter is also a key for the success of the team.
However, the main question for the club is the participation in the Europa League. It is very difficult to get into the top-4 of the Champions league, but it is possible. The club has a good chance of getting into the playoffs, but if it does not, it will be very difficult for the fans to watch the matches.
All Serie A live scores
The season is in full swing, and the Serie A is becoming more interesting. This is especially true for the top four.
In the current season, the leading clubs are:
* Juventus;
* Inter;
* Napoli.
Juventus is the clear favorite of the current championship. This can be seen by the fact that the team has won the most trophies and the most titles. The previous season, it was not so successful, but this time the team is in a much better shape.
Inter is also in a good shape, but its chances of winning the championship are not so high. The failure of the club in the domestic arena is also noticeable.
Napoli is in the second place, but there is a real fight for the first position. The players of the Reds are in a great shape, and they are ready to fight for gold medals.
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Current Serie A standings
The current season is very interesting for the teams, because they are trying to win gold medals in the championship. Juventus has a very good chance to win it, but Inter needs to be careful. The chances of the latter are not very high, but they are still very good.
This season, there are a lot of interesting matches, and this is the main reason for the high number of trophies won by the club.
Among the main favorites of the championship, we can note:
1. Juventus. The Turin team has already won the champion title, and now it is trying to repeat it. The coach of the squad is Massimiliano Allegri, who has managed to build a successful team. This season, he has managed not only to win trophies, but also to be in the first place.
2. Inter. The Italian team is considered one of the main contenders of the title, because it has a lot to prove. The recent failure in the EPL is another evidence of this. The results of this season are not in favor of the Nerra.
3. Napoli is also one of main contenders. The squad of the coach Maurizio Sarri has a bright future. The current season has already shown that the club has the potential to win a lot.
4. Naparatos. The fans of the Greek team are very excited, because the team managed to win two cups in a row. The new season is not going to be easy for the players of Naparatosi, but their chances are not the worst.
5. Milan. The Milan team has the best chances of becoming a champion. The management has done a good job, and there is no doubt that the players will be motivated to win more trophies.
6. Roma. The Roma team is a favorite of many fans, because of the fact they have won the Champions Cup for the third time in a year. The season is going well for the Bianco Neri, and we can expect a lot from them.
7. Lazio. The Lazio team has shown a good game this season, and many fans are confident that the season will be successful for them.
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This year, the Serie Am is becoming even more interesting, because many teams are trying their best to win medals. Among the main ones are:
* Milan;
* Naparatoss;

* Roma;
*. Lazio;
* Torino.
It is very important for the clubs to win all the trophies that they can, because this will be a great achievement.
Milan is the favorite of this championship, because its players are in great shape. The latest season has shown that they are able to win everything.

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