Arsenal deal wanted by Lavezzi?

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The situation in the transfer market is very interesting. The Milanese club is in the middle of a serious crisis, so the transfer policy is quite difficult. In the summer, the club bought the young midfielder Stefano Ghiotto from Napoli. The player is already a sensation, and already has a place in the starting lineup of the team.
The transfer of Ghiotti is not the only one, but it is the most important. The club has also bought the defender Joao Cancelo from Monaco. The transfer of the young defender was a good decision, because the player has already shown himself in the Milanese team. The young defender is already in good shape, and is able to play in the defense.
However, the main problem of the club is the lack of motivation. The team has a long list of transfer targets, but the club leaders are not interested in new acquisitions. The situation is quite similar with the Juventus team, who are also in the midst of a crisis. The Bianco-Neri are also trying to sell the star player Cristiano Ronaldo, but there is no progress in this case.

The main thing is the desire of the leaders of the Italian club, but they are not able to get rid of the problem. The main thing for them is to get a good player, who can become a star of the future of the Serie A.
Milan’s chances of getting a new player
The team has several options to solve the problem, but one of them is the acquisition of a new defender. The problem with the current team is that the leaders are quite tired of playing in the Serie B, so they prefer to play at the higher level.
This is why the club needs to get new players, because now the team is quite weak. The current squad is not able even to play on the second level. The new players will be able to solve this problem, and the club will be in a better shape.
In the summer the club has a number of interesting transfers, and they are:
1. Stefano Pioli. The coach of the Milan team has already won the Champions League with Juventus, so he will be a good addition to the team, especially if the club wants to get into the Champions league again.
2. Lavezzolo. The Italian coach is a good choice, because he is able not only to get the desired result, but also to improve the current situation of the Bianco Neri.
3. Cancelo. The defender is a nice addition to this list, because his experience is quite useful for the team’ leaders.
All the above transfers will help the club to get closer to the Champions, but this is not their main goal. The goal is to win the Serie a, so all the transfers mentioned above will be useful for this.
Will the Bianconeri get a new star?
The club is quite far from the Champions. The leaders are tired of this, and want to play for the Serie b. The only thing that can help the team to get out of the crisis is the transfer of a star player.
Juventus is a great example of a team that managed to get such a star. Cristiano has already become a legend of the Old Signora, and it is clear that the club would like to get him.
It is also interesting to note that the transfer will not cost the club a lot. The cost of the transfer is about 100 million euros. The price of the player is about 20 million euros, so it is a fair price.
Cristiano is a player who can be bought for a very low price. He is a very good player who is able score a lot of goals. The fact that the player can be purchased for such a low price is very good.
At the moment, the situation in Turin is quite serious, and there are a lot more transfers that can be made. The players are tired, and are not motivated, so this is why they do not want to do the transfers.
If the club manages to get Cristiano, then the situation of Juventus will improve significantly. The fans of the Turin team are very excited, because they believe that the team will be back in the Champions’ league.
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