Arsenal are in no rush to sign striker

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Arsenal are in no rush to sign striker Edin Dzeko, but the club’s transfer policy has changed significantly in the last year. In summer, the club signed the following players:
* Lazar Markovic;
* Aleksandar Mitrovic;
* Milan Borjan.
All of them are young, talented players, and it is clear that the club is trying to strengthen the team. The transfer policy of the club has changed, and now it is more focused on the transfer of players who can help the team in the future.

The main transfer of the summer is the acquisition of the young Serbian striker Edinc Dzekalo. The player has already scored several goals for the team, and this is a good sign for the club. The club has also signed the young midfielder Milan Borjana, who is a very promising player.
The transfer of Edinc is a positive step, but it is not the last one. The main transfer that the team needs is the one that will allow the club to get rid of the problem of injuries. The team needs to strengthen its defense, and the main player who can do this is the young goalkeeper Milan Borzan.
In the last season, the team was very weak in defense, which resulted in the fact that the game was very unpredictable. The problem is that the defense is not very strong, so the club needs to make a number of transfers to strengthen it.
Main Transfer of the Season
The club has a number transfer plans that it can implement in the near future. The first of them is the signing of the goalkeeper. The young goalkeeper has already shown that he is a player who is capable of playing in the center of the field. The new signing will help the club in this area, and will become a good replacement for the goalkeeper Milan.
Another transfer that will help strengthen the defense of the team is the transfer to the club of the midfielder Aleksander Mitrov. The midfielder is a young player who has already distinguished himself in the national team. He is a strong and dynamic player who will help to strengthen a number positions of the defense.
It is also important for the coach to strengthen his attack. The striker Edink Dzekolo has already managed to score a lot of goals for his club, and he is one of the main players of the Serbian national team that can be considered as a main transfer target for the EPL.
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Live Results of English Premier League Matches
The English Premier league is one the most popular championships in the entire world. The season has already ended, and we can see that the results of the matches of the top teams are not so good.
However, the EFL Cup is not far behind. The winners of the tournament will be able to take part in the Champions League, and they will have a chance to qualify for the next stage.
Now, the Premier league scores are quite stable, but we can note that the teams are still not in the best shape. The most likely reason for this is injuries. In the last few rounds, the teams were not able to play for long, and as a result, the results were not so successful.
One of the most important transfers of the season is the appointment of the head coach of the London Arsenal, Unai Emery. The Spaniard managed to bring the team to the top of the English Premier, and in the process, he managed to get into the Champions league.
Arsenal is a team that is very strong in the attack, and Emery managed to play a number line with the following lineups:
1. Aubameyang;
2. Lukaku;
3. Ramsey;
4. Ozil;
5. Auba.
This lineup is not a new one, and if we look at the results, we can say that the Spaniard has managed to strengthen this lineup.
Emery’ll have to work on the defense, as the team has a lot to do in order to get out of the relegation zone. The defense is still weak, so it is necessary to make some transfers to improve the situation.
English Premier League Results
The season has ended, but there is still a lot that can change in the English championship. The top teams have already started to play, and already in the first rounds, we have seen that the matches are not going well for the teams.
At the moment, the main transfer news is the arrival of the new head coach Unai Emrezen. He managed to successfully lead the team from the very first matches.
As for the results in the Premier League, it is worth noting that the Eredivisie is still the strongest division in the country. The teams are fighting for the title, and even the outsiders are not able not to win it. The EPL is not going to be easy, but now the teams have the opportunity to get a good result.
If we look back at the last seasons, we see that Arsenal is one such team that managed to win the championship. It is worth mentioning that the Gunners have a good lineup, and Unai managed to find the right partners for each of them.

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