Alli will not go out on loan this season!

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The club has already decided to make a transfer, but the player who will be transferred is not the most important. The main transfer is the one that will be made by the club’s main star, the young player of the team, the goalkeeper of the club, and the main striker of the squad, who will leave the club.
The transfer of the goalkeeper will be the most interesting, because this player will be one of the main candidates for the main position of the new team. The goalkeeper of Roma, Gianluigi Buffon, has already left the team. This is a great loss for the team and for the fans, because the goalkeeper is one of its main stars.

The young player, who is the main star of the current season, will not leave the team for a long time. He will be able to prove himself and prove that he is able to play in the main positions of the teams. The club will be very happy to have him.
Alli’s transfer will be a great success for the club
The goalkeeper of Rome, Gianlugi Buffon is leaving the team because of his age. The player will not be able for a very long time, but he will be really able to show his skills. The fans of the Roma team are really happy and excited. The team has a great chance to win the championship.
However, the transfer of Alli will be also a great opportunity for the new club. The young player has already shown himself that he can be a good goalkeeper. He is a good player who can become a good starter for the next season. The transfer of this player is a very good opportunity for Roma.
It is also worth noting that the transfer will not affect the results of the game of the players. The players will have the opportunity to show their skills, and they will not miss the opportunity.
Will the new coach of the Roman team be able not to make mistakes?
The new coach, who has been appointed, will have to make some mistakes, because he will have a big responsibility. The coach of Roma has already made a lot of mistakes, and he will not have the right to make them again. The new coach will have some problems, because many of the mistakes were made by himself.
One of the most serious mistakes of the coach of Rome is the transfer. The previous coach of this team was, in fact, a good choice for the job. The first mistake of the previous coach was the failure to sign a good striker. The striker of Roma is the young Cristiano Ronaldo.
In the new season of the Champions League, the club will have an opportunity to get a good result. The Portuguese will not let the club down, and it will not. The failure of the transfer was a serious mistake of a coach.
You can always follow the results on the sports statistics website. It is easy to do this, because it is based on the data of hundreds of tournaments.
Who will be in the starting lineup of the New Roma?
It has been known for a while that the new Roma coach will not make mistakes. The results of his first matches have shown that the coach will make mistakes, but this will not prevent him from getting the results.
Among the players who will start the game, the following players are worth mentioning:
1. The goalkeeper Gianluig Buffon. The Italian goalkeeper is a main star for the Roma club. He has already played for the national team, and in the new Serie A, he will play for the first team.
2. The striker, Cristiano. Cristiano is a young player who is able for the future. The game of this young player is already good, and this is a reason for the high expectations of the fans.
3. Rodrigo. The Brazilian player is an excellent player who has already scored many goals for the Rome club. It will be interesting to see how the new player will play in this tournament.
4. Gattuso. The forward is a player who already scored a lot for the Italian club. Gattu’s game is very good, but it is not enough to be in a starting lineup.
5. De Rossi. The midfielder is a newcomer to the team of the Italian Serie A. He can play in a midfield position, but in the team he will definitely be a leader.
6. Chiellini. The Frenchman is a new player of Roma. He already scored several goals for his club, but now he will try to score even more.
7. Mertens. The Dutch player is another newcomer to Roma. The Netherlands national team player has a good game, and now he is ready to prove it.
8. Simeone. The Mexican player is also a newcomer, but already he is a leader of the national squad.
9. Vidal. The Argentinean player is the leader of his team, but also of the Mexican national team. He scored a few goals for Mexico, and for now he can prove his skills in the international arena.
10. Del Piero. He was a leader in the Italian national team for many years, but recently he has been getting tired. Now he is trying to prove that his skills are still good.

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